YouTube Ad Formats:

The types of ad formats used for your campaign depends on the "Ad Types" you've enabled in your campaign's settings. 

Sprizzy currently provides 3 different ad formats to promote your video on YouTube:

1. Discovery Ads:
Your video will appear as a "recommended" video alongside similar videos/in the "Up next" section of a video watch page.

2. Commercial (In-Stream) Ads:

Your video will appear as a commercial before the viewer watches their intended video.

3. Search Ads:

A "featured" video that appears at the top of the YouTube search results. Your video appears when the viewer searches for one of your targeted keywords.

Please note:
When selecting your desired "Ad Types" in the campaign builder, you can choose which "ad formats" above you want to use.  We strongly suggest ensuring "Discovery Ads" are enabled if your goal is to increase your channel's subscribers.  In-stream ads work best if you are promoting a product, service, and/or website or when "watch time" is your desired outcome.

Example of "Discovery Ads":

A yoga instructor, "Yoga with Jill," is looking to find new subscribers for her yoga fitness channel.  

She enables "Discovery Ads" and targets viewers watching other yoga-related videos.

A viewer lands on a competitor's video entitled "30 min Beginner Yoga - Full Body Yoga".

Sprizzy advertises "Yoga with Jill's" video below this similar yoga video.

The viewer notices "Jill's" video and clicks to view it.  The viewer finds "Jill's" video helpful and subscribers to her channel.

Example of "Commercial/In-Stream Ads":

Rather than requiring a viewer to click to watch your video, Sprizzy can show your video as a commercial before the targeted video begins playing. 

The viewer can either choose to watch your video or skip it. If the viewer does not choose to watch your video for at least 30 seconds, you do not pay for the view.

Example of "Search Ads":

A user will perform a search phrase, looking for content like yours, (example: "best yoga videos") and see your video as the first search result.