Improperly selecting keywords and phrases can harm your campaign's success. Irrelevant and broad keywords can attract an audience of viewers that are not interested in your content.  The article below outlines the best practices for selecting your campaign's keywords.

Do not use overly broad keywords and phrases:

For example, if your video was about "how to tie a tie," do not use keywords such as: 

  • clothes
  • men

At first thought, you may be thinking to yourself, "Why not? A tie is an article of 'clothing', and 'men' wear ties."

While some people searching these keywords may find your video helpful, most of these searchers are not looking to learn how to tie and tie.  Some will click your video (out of curiosity), but many will soon leave as it isn't what they were initially seeking.  This leads to low engagement and a large amount of your budget wasted.

Fine-tuning your keywords and phrases to show only to people looking for exactly what you offer will lead to higher viewer retention, higher engagement, and ultimately more subscribers.  

Below are examples of keywords/phrases that would send targeted viewers to your "how to tie a tie" video:

  • how to tie a tie
  • tie a tie easy
  • tie a tie for wedding

You can even get more specific.  For example, if your video specifically focuses on "tying a half windsor knot":

  • how to tie a half winsdor
  • half windsor knot tutorial
  • tie a half window knot

Do not use overly strict keywords and phrases:

At the same time, please refrain from using phrases that are so strict that no one searches for them.  

Continuing with the "how to tie a tie" example, phrases such as:

  • how to tie a half windor knot tie in 10 seconds
  • the easiest way to tie half winsor knot for a wedding suit

While these will not harm your campaign, they likely do not have a lot of search volume.  If all of your phrases are at this level of specificity, you won't generate many viewers to your ad.

Tips for finding keywords and phrases:

Need help finding more keywords and phrases?  Both the YouTube and Google Search auto-suggest can help provide phrases that many users are searching for.  Start by entering keywords related to your video to see what else users are searching for.

Test your keywords!

Not sure if your keyword/phrase is a good fit for your campaign?  There's an easy way to test.  Simply perform a search (on YouTube) with each of your chosen keywords and see what videos appear in the results.  

If your keyword is generating search results with videos that are not relevant to your video's content, do not use that keyword in your campaign! 

If your video was "how to tie a tie":

Search term: clothes - Nothing about tying ties here so don't use this keyword in your campaign!

Search term: how to tie a tie - Only videos about tying ties - check!