While most videos are reviewed and approved by Google Ads within 24 hours, some videos can take up to 3 days.  

If your video shows the status of "Processing" over 24 hours, this means Google Ads has initially disapproved your video and is undergoing an appeal filed by a member of the Sprizzy team.

If, after 3 days, your video is not approved by Google Ads, you will be notified of the reason for disapproval.

Please note:  Google Ads will disapprove any videos that mention COVID.  If there is any mention of "COVID" in your video, this is likely the reason your video is not approved.  For a complete list of Google Ads policies, please visit their article here.

If you instead wish to refund your payment or apply the funds to a new video, please follow the articles below:
How do I process a refund?

How do I change the video used in my existing campaign/promotion?